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CAE Analysis

What is Contact Analysis?

1. What is Contact Analysis?

Contact analysis is one of the types of CAE analysis. Through the analysis, it is possible to prevent problems that could occur during the assembly of a designed structure.

2. How to Conduct Contact Analysis

First, create design data (CAD model) through CAD software, and import it into CAE software.

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Then, make a mesh model and define interaction type:
(1) Glue Contact – allows two bodies to be fixed at their contact surface without needing the elements of both bodies to be the same size.
(2) Touch Contact – parts in the model can move as it is allowed to by the constraints on the body.

Depending on the conditions, such as phenomenon to be simulated, select the most appropriate contact method from above to make a model which represents contact status.

After the modeling, analysis is conducted:
(1) Contact Status – visualizes contacting points/nodes/elements
(2) Contact Stress – visualizes contact stresses and their distribution
(3) Deformation Plot – visualizes deformation of the bodies which is caused by contact

As you can see from the images above, the results of the calculation can be visually perceived using 3D data and mapping, aiding in determining the deformation, contact stress, and their respective locations in the structure under a contact status.

3. Design Using Contact Analysis

Conducting Contact analysis will enable you to identify potential problems that could occur in an assembled structure or between contacting bodies that you designed, and will allow you to take necessary measures to address them effectively. It will also help you determine issues which are difficult to imagine when creating a CAD model before producing a prototype or manufacturing products, and prompt such an approach as reviewing materials or shape of the structure. In addition to these benefits, the numbers of prototypes and testing can be reduced, which saves time and costs.  This would lead to the optimization of the entire design process, making CAE analysis highly recommended.

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