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Technology & Services

Mechanical Design
Design of mechanisms including intermittent drive of mechanical counters
Electromagnetic Design
Design of a counter powered by electromagnetic force
Electronic Design
Hardware and software design of electronic devices based on digital signal processing
Application Programming
Software development for PC and Smartphone applications
Visualization by collection, accumulation, and analysis of equipment data
Compliance with International Standards
ISO, CE, UL, etc.
Prototyping and Small-lot Production Services
Silicone mold urethane casting, 3D printing service
Probes for Surface Temperature Measurement
Design and manufacture of thermocouples
Calibration Service
Accuracy check of length meters, tachometers, and thermometers

Equipment & Facilities

Nickel-Chrome Plating Facility
Wire Bonder (Clean Room)
Plastic Injection Molding Machine
Wire Winder (Coil Winding Machines)
Hot Stamping Machine
Laser Marking Machine
Reflow Oven (Reflow Soldering Machine)
Noise Simulator


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