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New Business Challenges

In addition to manufacturing counters over the decades, we also pursue to provide solutions on “visualization” of factories through numerical information.

Without being bound by past practices, we will always endeavor to take on the challenge to enter new markets.

Integrated Production

We offer integrated production from design to development and manufacturing. We are proud of our reliable production system unique to a specialized counting manufacturer.

Strict Inspection for Quality

Mass production of a product begins when a prototype is received from the development department. Line Seiki’s products are subjected to repeated testing, and only those which passed the tests are released. The strict testing procedures of Line Seiki allowed our products to earn the trust of users around the world.


Pursue happiness and make dreams come true
We will pursue happiness of all people associated with Line Seiki, including customers, colleagues, and their families, and support each individual to realize their dreams through our business activities.
Deliver new values
through creativity
We aim to be an organization that constantly creates new values by utilizing the know-how and network from our extensive experience, and by understanding the needs of society without being misled by short-term immediate changes.


“Create a product for society. Create a product for people.”
This is our basic philosophy that has been passed on through the generations since the founding of Line Seiki in 1949.

It is a person who makes a product, and it is also a person who uses a product.
No matter how the times change, it is always people who create new values, and we believe that we would not be able to create the products required by society without the connections with people.

Our strength lies in the technical capabilities and human networks that have been cultivated over our long history. By valuing our connections with people and combining the diverse knowledge and experience, we will contribute to building a future with new ideas outside the existing framework.

Eiji Oyabu


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