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CAE Analysis

What is CAE?

1. What is CAE?

CAE is an abbreviation of Computer-Aided Engineering, which is a supporting system for design and development work. By utilizing CAE in the design phase, you can clarify problems which lurk in design itself or manufacturing processes because CAE enables various simulations. But why is CAE required in manufacturing industries?

In the manufacturing industries, “prototypes” are produced before manufacturers move on to the mass production. By making an actual model, they can evaluate strength and function of the “product” and the potential problem of its manufacturing processes before proceeding on to the mass production.

If any issues are found in the phase of prototype evaluation, the design will be reviewed, and then another prototype will be made again. However, by repeating such activities requires additional costs and time for prototypes. Since the costs and time to spare for prototypes are limited, it becomes difficult for a manufacturer to launch a better-designed product to the market.

To address such issues, CAE was developed as a design tool that leverages the ongoing advancements in computers.

2. How to use CAE?

CAE software is used along with CAD model, which is a system that works on a computer to aid in creation of a design. First, a design or model of a product is created through CAD. And then, based on the design data made by CAD, various simulations and analyses will be done through CAE software. Alongside producing a prototype, problems related to the design and/or manufacturing processes can be identified and reviewed through CAE analyses.

As you can see, by introducing CAE analysis in the design phase, it becomes possible to lower the production or development cost, to shorten the evaluation time, and to prevent problems that occur from manufacturing processes after starting the mass production.

Analysis through CAE software is an essential tool to reduce the lead-time and costs of product development. LINE SEIKI offers a series of CAE analysis services. Get in touch with us by calling +81-50-1741-6630, or by sending your valued inquiry through webform.

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