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ServicesSimulation Analysis Service

FeaturesAdvanced simulation technology
  • Utilizing the latest analysis algorithms and high-speed processing capabilities.

  • High-precision analysis
  • Detailed and meticulous analysis for product design and process improvement

  • Applicability across various industries
  • Usable in a wide range of fields, including automotive, aerospace, and electronics.

  • Customizable analysis options
  • Analysis settings that can be adjusted to meet the needs of customers.

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    Simulation Software

    • Pre & Post Processor : MSC Apex/Patran
    • Solver : MSC Nastran
      (Multidisciplinary Structural Analysis)
    • Capabilities(*) : Linear and Nonlinear FEA
      (Statics, Dynamics, Thermal, Buckling and Fatigue)
    MSC software stands as the gold standard in Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Renowned for being tried-and-tested, industrial-grade, and widely adopted, these tools ensure accurate results in FEA simulations.

    (*) In addition to the analysis mentioned above, we can conduct analysis like the ones described below in cooperation with our partner institutions:

    • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
    • Multibody Dynamics (MBD)
    • Manufacturing Process Simulation
      (Forming, Welding and Additive)
    • Explicit Dynamics & Fluid Structure Interaction
    • Acoustic Simulation
    • Multi-scale Material & Structure Modeling

    If you need any analysis, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Traditional vs Simulation – driven method

    □ Traditional Method : Costly and time-consuming design cycles
    □ Simulation-driven Method (FEA) : Easy, fast and cost-efficient design cycles

    Reference: forcetechnology.com

    Case studies

    The images below show a comparison between simulated and actual test results.

    □ Pinion failure analysisPinion failure analysis

    (a) actual – sample #1 (b) actual – sample #2 (c) sectioned FEA result (d) top view FEA result.

    □ Screw boss failure analysisScrew boss failure analysis

    (a) 3D model (b) stress concentration using FEA (c) actual failure (d) pressure distribution using FEA.

    □ Cover thermal buckling analysis

    Finite element model / Simulation results / Actual test results

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