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CAE Analysis

What is Structural/Static Analysis?

1. What is Structural/Static Analysis?

Structural/Static analysis is one of the menus of CAE analysis. Through the analysis, it is possible to evaluate strength of a designed structure, and to predict the possibility of its failure. Such evaluation and prediction enable you to verify the safety of the designed structure, leading to the creation of a safe, user-friendly, and well-designed product.

2. How to Conduct Structural/Static Analysis

First, create design data (CAD model) through CAD software, and import it into CAE software.

Then, divide the analysis structure into “small elements” and generate a model for evaluation of the structure’s strength, etc.

A “small element” is each small cell shown in the image below.

These “small elements” form a mesh.

In addition, set analysis conditions. Basically, you will make the settings that reflect the environment where the designed structure will be used. Then input materials’ data which you have checked preliminarily.

The stress on each element that occurs when a load is applied to this model will be calculated and quantified. Appropriate failure theory is also utilized to verify whether the structure can endure the applied loads. As shown in the two pictures below, the results of the calculation can be visually perceived using 3D data and mapping, aiding determining the maximum value of stress*1 that occurs in the structure under applied loads and its location(s).

*1 The maximum stress: The maximum value of stress that a structure can endure without fracturing.

The maximum deformation of the structure under applied loads will also be quantified likewise and can be understood visually.

3. Design Using Structure/Static Analysis

By conducting Structure/Static analysis, it becomes possible to verify the durability of a designed structure and its critical part. It is also notable that sometimes it is very difficult to replicate an environment in which a product under development is to be used. CAE software can virtually replicate such the environment, which is one of the very advantages of the computer simulation. In addition to these benefits, the numbers of prototypes and testing can be reduced, which saves time and costs. This would lead to the optimization of the entire design process, making CAE analysis highly recommended.

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