Our Measuring Instruments range is a collection of test instruments using microprocessor technology to measure different parameters such as temperature, humidity, pH level, water quality, wind velocity, electricity, etc.  These are simple and easy-to-use instruments but highly accurate which makes it ideal for anybody.


The TC-400A is a multi-function K-type probe thermometer with a wide measuring range of -160 - +1372°C.


The TC-330AWP is a waterproof IP65 level, multi-function K-type probe thermometer with a wide measuring range of -160 - +1372°C.


The TC-3200 is a multi-type probe (K,J) thermometer in a single unit.

Thermocouple Probes

Our Thermocouple Probes range includes K-type probes and are fully compatible with our Thermometer products.


The TH-4000 is a hand-held Humidity-Temp meter with a detachable RH/Temp sensor probe and Dew Point Display Function.


U801 is the Real-Time Measurement Software for thermometer, TC-3200 and humidity-temp. meter, TH-4000.


USB-01 is USB Cable for TC-3200 / TH-4000.


ZTC9021 is AC/DC Adapter for TC-3200 / TH-4000.
ZTC9021 is AC/DC Adapter (Plug Type A) for TC-3200 / TH-4000.


The EH-2000 is an economical hand-held pH meter.
pH measurement is an essential parameter in monitoring and controlling different application fields such as Environment, Food and Beverage, Agriculture, Laboratory and even for Education, etc.


The EL-2000 is a portable Lux meter with thermometer.
It measures illuminance of a place like an office, shop, classroom, factory, green house,etc.


The TC-6000 is an entry level infrared thermometer that measures surface temperatures of -30 - +550°C.

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