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Digital pH MeterEH-2000

  • Self-calibratable
FeaturesAccurate pH Meter with its measuring range of 1 to 13 pH, resolution of 0.01 pH.
pH electrode connection cable of 1m.
Glass electrode replaceable.
Battery powered, handy and portable.
Optional buffer solution for self-calibration.


EH-801Replacement pH Electrode 
EH-804buffer PH 4.00 solution40cc
EH-807buffer PH 7.00 solution40cc
EH-700pH electrode preserved liquid30cc


General Specifications

Measuring MethodGlass Electrode method *1  (Combination Electrode)*2
Sampling TimeApprox. 0.4 second
FunctionsData Hold
DisplayLCD:44mm x 28mm Digit Size : 15mm
Power Supply006P (DC9V) battery x 1pc.
Battery LifeApprox. 240hours
Current ConsumptionApprox. 2.0mA
Ambient Temp. : Operating0 – 50°C
Ambient Humid. : Operating80%RH max
DimensionsMain Unit:135(H) x 60(W) x 33(D)mm
ph Electrode Փ9.5 x 120mm Cable Length:Approx. 2m
WeightApprox. 196g (including battery)
AccessoriesInstruction Manual, 006P battery x 1pc.
ComplianceCE, RoHS

*1 Glass Electrode
The measured pH of a solution is determined by the amount of voltage
(electric potential) produced across two electrodes. These electrodes
are the glass electrode and the reference electrode.
*2 Combination Electrode
The combination electrode is a glass electrode and a reference electrode
combined together to form a single electrode. The combination electrode is
more convenient to handle in processes such as calibration, testing and washing.

The pH electrode is easy to damage.
The life depends on the usage and measuring object.
Please exchange it to new one periodically.
The pH electrode is out of our standard warranty.


Measuring rangeMain unit : pH 0.00 – 14.00
pH Electrode (EH-801) : pH 1.00 – 13.00
ResolutionpH 0.01
AccuracypH ±0.07(pH5.00 – 9.00)
pH ±0.1(pH4.00 – 4.99 ,pH9.01 – 10.00)
pH ±0.2(pH0 .00- 3.99 ,pH10.01 – 14.00)

* Temperature Conditions : 23±5°C environment testing.

CASESApplication examples of this solution.

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