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Digital Light MeterEL-2000

  • Thermocouple connectable
FeaturesA Lux meter to evaluate the brightness of illumination.
This Illminometer functions also as a thermometer with our thermocouple probe.

Not certified by JEMIC.
Not designed for measuring LED light source.


General Specifications

Sensor TypeLight : Silicon Photo Diode
Temp. : Thermocouple Probe Type K,J
Measuring UnitLight : LUX
Temp. : °C
Sampling TimeApprox. 1 second
FunctionsData Hold, Max/Min,
Auto Power Off
DisplayLCD : 44mm x 29mm Digit Size:14mm
ErrorOver Indication or Not connected
Thermocouple Probe “—— “
Power Supply006P (DC9V) battery x 1pc.
Battery LifeLight : Approx. 48hours
Temp. : Approx. 80hours
Current ConsumptionLight : Approx. 10.0mA
Temp.: Approx. 6.0mA
Operating Temp./humidity0 – 50°C, 80%RH max
DimensionsMain Unit:135(H) x 60(W) x 33(D)mm
Light Sensor: 82mmx55mmx7mm
Cable Length: Approx. 1m
WeightApprox. 278g
(including batterie, sensor)

Instruction Manual, Light Sensor x 1pc.,

006P battery x 1pc.

ComplianceCE, RoHS


 Measuring RangeResolutionAccuracy
Light0 – 20000LUX1LUX±(5%reading+8)LUX
(Type K)
-199.9 – -50.1°C
-50.0 – +1300.0°C
0.1°C±(0.4% +1°C)
(Type J)
-199.9 – -50.1°C
-50.0 – +1100.0°C
0.1°C±(0.4% +1°C)
±(0.4% +0.8°C)

* Temperature conditions: Test environment 23±5°C

CASESApplication examples of this solution.

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