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Electronic Tally CountersDK-2300 (multi-function)

  • Hand tally
  • Add/Add&Subtract
  • Battery
  • Memory Mode (selectable)
  • Unit of triple counters
FeaturesA multi-function electronic hand tally counter.
1 Main display and 2 smaller Sub displays on screen.
4 different types of counting selectable via dip switch.


DisplayMain-Display : 4.5 Digits, 7-Segment LCD 10mm(H)
Sub-Display : 4 Digits, 7-Segment LCD 5mm(H)
Count RangeMain-Display : -9999 – +19999
Sub-Display : -9999 – +9999
Power Source /
3V Battery CR2032
Battery Life : approx. 1.5years *1
Ambient Temp. /
Humid. : Operating 
5 – +40°C (non-freezing) / 85%RH (Non-condensing)
Ambient Temp. : Storage-10 – +60°C
Weightapprox. 40g  (Battery and strap included)
ComplianceCE, RoHS

* Take note that the unit is shipped with a battery installed and battery
life may be shorter than the indicated specification. However, if a new battery
is installed, battery life will be according to use condition.

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