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Differential count of white blood cells

ApplicationWhite blood cell differential
Targeted dataNumber of white blood cells per five major types: neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils, basophils
EffectWhite blood cell count can be perfectly done in laboratories.
Ex.) Counting 100 white blood cells by DK-5005A or DK-5005E
InputTypeCountPercentageAdult Reference Range (Percentage)
Input 1Neutrophils6868%40~70%
Input 2Lymphocytes2626%20~50%
Input 3Monocytes55%1~5%
Input 4Eosinophils00%0~10%
Input 5Basophils11%0~1%

Count data can be displayed on Windows PC and stored by using free dedicated software.

While looking in a microscope, you can count 100 - 200 white blood cells classifying into five major types, which can be done perfectly by pushing five count keys of DK-5005A/DK-5005E. DK-5005E is a tally counter with a buzzer. It sounds when a count key is pressed or when the preset total count value is reached. Saved data is editable with spreadsheet software.

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