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Traffic surveys

ApplicationTraffic surveys
Targeted dataNumbers of vehicles of different types (Cars/Buses/Trucks/Motorcycles)
EffectMake it easy to extract data of traffic survey on roads (In Excel or CSV format)


Traffic surveys are usually performed just by counting numbers of different types of passing vehicles on roads and summing up the counted values every hour. In other cases, they count not only numbers of passing vehicles of each type but also vehicles' directions which they are heading to. For these cases, it is suitable to use DK-5010C(10 combined tally counters) and DK-5030C(30 combined tally counters). Electronic Tally Counters of type C can automatically record the counted values at a preset intervals with corresponding timestamps. By exporting the record to your Windows PC, you can check total count values per hour without editing the recorded data.
Traffic survey example

Counted values are automatically recorded at preset interval (60 minutes in this example) and then reset to “0”.








2016-02-15 08:00:001542315
2016-02-15 09:00:002384718
2016-02-15 10:00:0030381222
2016-02-15 11:00:0015216530
2016-02-15 12:00:0045819722

Real-time display of count values is available on PC by using dedicated free software.

Logging Type can be selected either “Reset” Logging Type or “Continuous” Logging Type. With “Reset” Logging Type, count values will be reset to”0″ after saving a data log. With “Continuous” Logging Type, counted values will not be reset to “0” after saving a data log. Therefore, cumulative count value of each counter is logged throughout the recording session.



More information
The data can be saved and is editable with DK-5000 Mieruzzo Software.
The software is downloadable for free from our website.

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