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New Model Arrived

Electronic Counters with Large DisplaysG95 Series

  • 6 digits
  • LED display
  • Add/Subtract
  • External power supply
  • Extra-large display
FeaturesNew model G95-305 has joined G95 series lineup
G95-305 performs RS-485 serial communication with PC/PLC
(Connecting G95-305 with PC/PLC requires RS-485 serial communication device, which is in the marketplace but is not included in scope of supply.)
Supplied remote controller can change several settings

101.6 mm figure height, Extra-large Electronic Counter/Display
Increase progress transparency in every area/cell
Increase progress transparency of the entire factory/production line
Hanging/Mounting brackets accompanied



(Setting of initial value at resetting)
G95-3016TotalizerDIP switch3kg
G95-303Totalizer + Display
BCD Input
G95-305Supplied Remote ControllerRS485 or Supplied
Remote Controller


ModelsG95-301 / G95-303 / G95-305
DisplayRED LED Zero Suppressing : 101.6(H) mm x 60.0(W) mm
No.of Digits6
PowerAC100 – 240V / -15% – +10% 50/60Hz
Power ConsumptionApproximately 6VA
InputNon-contact Input : Open Collector Transistor : L < 2V (Sink Current 7mA)
Voltage Input : L : 0 – 5V H : 10 – 30V (Input Impedance 1.6KΩ)
Contact Input : Relay, Microswitch, etc. (Sink Current 10mA)
ConnectionInput : Terminal Screw
Power : Terminal Screw
BCD * : 25-Pin D-Sub (DB25) Connector
Decimal PointSelectable through DIP Switch (0.0/0.00/0.000)
Maximum Count SpeedNon-contact : 1kHz Contact : 20Hz
Count Mode90°Quadrature Input Add/Subtract (Individual)
Pulse WidthNon-contact Input : 500µsec min. Contact Input : 25msec min. (Duty 1:1)
Count Range-99999 – +999999
Display Range ***0 – 999999
Write Range***-99999 – +999999 (When using negative (-) sign, Set SW5 of the DIP switch to ON.*)
Power Source for SensorDC12V 100mA
ResetExternal Reset : 100msec min. / L < 2V (Sink Current 10mA) Power Reset & Push Button No power reset or push button reset
Input InhibitInput Inhibit : L < 2V (Sink Current 10mA)
MemoryE²PROM Data Retention : Approx. 10 years Memory Frequency : 100,000 times maximum
Error DisplayIn 90°Quadrature mode, error message will be displayed if the count range is exceeded
(overflow error : o-Er underflow error : u-Er)
BCD Input *Open Collector Transistor : L < 2V (Sink Current 60µA)
or Contact Input (Digital Switch)
Parallel BCD (Positive Logic / Negative Logic)
Ambient Humid. : Operating45 – 85%RH (Non-Condensing)
Ambient Temp. : Operating-10 – +50°C (Should not be frozen)
Ambient Temp. : Storage-20 – +60°C (Should not be frozen)
Altitude2,000m max.
Installation EnvironmentOver-voltage category II , Pollution degree 2 (IEC61010-1)
Withstand VoltageAC1500V 1minute
Insulation Resistance100MΩ minimum (DC500V Megger)
Noise ImmunitySquare Wave Noise from Noise Simulator
Power Terminals : ±2.0kV / Input Terminals : ±500V
CasingMetal Case with Plastic Joints
Case CoatingAnodized Black
ComplianceCE, RoHS
Communication **RS485 Serial communication
Way of Communication **Half duplex, Asynchronous
Network **Multidrop
Baud Rate **9600 bps (Fixed)
Format **ASCII code,
Start bit : 1 bit, Data bit : 8 bit (Parity bit : 1 bit), Stop bit : 1 bit
Parity **NON / ODD / EVEN (Selection)
Delay Time **2ms (Fixed)
Communication setting method **Infrared Remote Controller (Accessory)
Easy Software for G90-G95 **The software can be downloaded from our website free of charge.
The device should be connected to the terminal of the PC using an RS485
serial communication device available in the market.

* G95-303 only
** G95-305 only
*** G95-303/305 only
Attention : Indoor use only / Not for outdoor use

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