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ThermometersReal-Time Measurement Software U801

  • for TC-3200
  • for TH-4000
  • Real-Time Measurement
FeaturesA Real-Time Measurement Software for TC-3200 and
Monitoring 2 channels at the same time helps you obtain useful data information.
Measurement data will be saved in the database.
High and Low alarm function available.


U801KReal-time Measurement Software
USB Cable
U801Real-time Measurement Software
USB-01USB Cable



Output formatDatabase (.mdb) (Automatic Record), Text (.txt)
Sampling Time1 to 3600 seconds
FunctionsData Record / Upper & Lower alert /
Text format output / Print of chart


System Requirement

OSWindows Vista/7/8/8.1 (Japanese version or English version)
DriveCD-ROM Drive or DVD-ROM Drive
DisplayVGA Display 640 x 480 or higher screen resolution


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