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Partially Discontinued

IncrementalCE Series

  • shaft φ4mm
FeaturesSmall and light rotary encoder
Low consumption of electricity
Voltage output
Outer dimensions: φ30(Shaft φ 4), PCD 22
Ideal for industrial applications


ModelsResolutionPower Supply
CE-6060 PPRDC5 – 12V
CE-100100 PPR
CE-200200 PPR
250 PPR
CE-400400 PPR
CE-500500 PPR


Electrical Specifications

Power SupplyDC5 – 12V ±5%
Output SignalVoltage / 90°Quadrature x 2 Signals
Output VoltageLogic 1 = 4 – 11VDC (Reduced -1V from Power Supply Voltage)
Logic 0 = 0.5VDC or less
Maximum Response60kHz
Current Consumption40mA Maximum (20mA for S Type)
Sink Current20mA Maximum
Output Impedance2kΩ
Ambient Temp. : Operating-10 – +70°C (Non-freezing)

Mechanical Specifications

Maximum Speed of Shaft6,000rpm
Maximum of Inertia of Shaft2g-cm² Maximum
Starting Torque10gf-cm Maximum
Angular Speed1 x 10⁵ rad/sec²
Maximum Radial Loading1kg
Maximum Axial Loading0.5kg
Vibration10Hz to 50Hz・1.5mm・2h
Shock50G / 11ms
Weight (Approximately)100grams

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