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Mechanical Total CountersSP1-203 Series (single shaft)

  • Single shaft
  • 4 digits
  • 15/20/30 counts/revolution of the shaft
  • 100~150 revolutions/minute
  • Button reset


(Reverse to Subtract)

Type I

Type II
(Click the model to display the rotation for Additive)
10 counts / rev
Right shaftSP1-202-4(I) RSP1-202-4(II) R
Left shaftSP1-202-4(I) LSP1-202-4(II) L
15 counts / rev
Right shaftSP1-203-4(I) R 1:15SP1-203-4(II) R 1:15
Left shaftSP1-203-4(I) L 1:15SP1-203-4(II) L 1:15
20 counts / rev
Right shaftSP1-203-4(I) R 1:20SP1-203-4(II) R 1:20
Left shaftSP1-203-4(I) L 1:20SP1-203-4(II) L 1:20
30 counts / rev
Right shaftSP1-203-4(I) R 1:30SP1-203-4(II) R 1:30
Left shaftSP1-203-4(I) L 1:30SP1-203-4(II) L 1:30


Digits & Figure Colors

4 Digits (6 x 4mm)
First figure is Yellow on Black background.
Others are White on Black background.

ResetPush Button
Maximum Count speed10 counts/rev : 300 rpm
15 or 20 counts/rev : 150 rpm
30 counts/rev : 100 rpm
Operating Torque20mN・m
Paint Color of HousingGray
Ambient Temp. : Operating-5 – +40°C(Non-freezing)
Ambient Humid. : Operating85%RH maximum (Non-Condensing)

High speed rotation

Single-sided Input Shaft

Shaft rotation direction to increase count value depends on model number: clockwise or anticlockwise

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