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HK Series (Hourmeter)

  • 0.00~99999.99 / 0.0~999999.9
  • Motor
FeaturesHour Meters of high reliability and quality
Perfect for managing operational hours of machinery/equipment


TypeModel no.Supply VoltageFrequencyMounting
HK-30HK-3001AC110V50HzFork Clamp
HK-3011110V60HzFork Clamp
HK-3021230V50HzFork Clamp
HK-3031230V60HzFork Clamp
HK-3041DC6 – 12VFork Clamp
HK-305112 – 36VFork Clamp
HK-46HK-4601AC110V50HzFork Clamp
HK-4611110V60HzFork Clamp
HK-4621230V50HzFork Clamp
HK-4631230V60HzFork Clamp
HK-4624230V50HzAlminium Clamp
HK-4634230V60HzAlminium Clamp
HK-4661DC6 – 30VFork Clamp
HK-47HK-4761DC6 – 30VAlminium Clamp


AC VersionDC Version
Power Source110VAC, 230VAC6 – 12VDC,
12 – 36VDC
6 – 30VDC
Voltage Fluctuation-10% / +10%
Rated Current Consumption8 mA9 mA
No. of digits5 integers 2 decimals6 integers 1 decimals
Reading accuracy1/100 hour (36sec.)1/10 hour (6min.)
Counting range99999.99 hours999999.9 hours
Size of digit4 mm
Color of digitIntegers: white on black
Decimals : AC50Hz / red on black AC60Hz / red on white DC / red on black
MotorSynchronous motorStep motor
Protection classIP65 front side
ConnectionFlat pins (6.3 x 0.8 mm) with screw terminals
Operating Temp.-25 – +70°C-25 – +80°C-10 – +55°C-20 – +70°C-20 – +70°C
ComplianceCE, RoHS

Operational life (when used at room temperature) is about 5 years.
We recommend that you replace it with a new one when it reaches the end of its life.


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