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Electromagnetic Total CountersME Series

  • Small size
  • Character height 3.5mm
  • 6/7 digits
  • Non-reset
  • AC100V/DC12V/24V
FeaturesSmall & light weight, easy to install in a limited space inside equipment
Good to build/embed in various kinds of OA equipment
Simple structure, low price


ME-6000UL DC12V6DC12VRear (Screw)
ME-6000UL DC24VDC24V
ME-6000 AC100VAC100V
ME-6000UL AC115VAC115V
ME-6000 AC200VAC200V
ME-6000UL DC24V B1DC24VBase (Screw | Vertical)
ME-6000UL AC115V B1AC115V
ME-7000 DC12V7DC12VRear (Screw)
ME-7000 DC24VDC24V
ME-7000 AC100VAC100V
ME-7000 AC200VAC200V
ME-6020 DC12V6DC12VBase (Screw | Horizontal)
ME-6020 DC24VDC24V
ME-6020 AC100VAC100V
ME-6020 AC200VAC200V
ME-7020 DC12V7DC12V
ME-7020 DC24VDC24V
ME-7020 AC100VAC100V
ME-7020 AC200VAC200V
ME-6030UL DC12V6DC12VBehind Panel (Screw)
ME-6030UL DC24VDC24V
ME-6030 AC100VAC100V
ME-6030UL AC115VAC115V
ME-6030 AC200VAC200V
ME-6030UL DC24V B1DC24VBehind Panel (Screw)
with Base Plate
ME-6030UL AC115V B1AC115V
ME-7030 DC12V7DC12VBehind Panel (Screw)
ME-7030 DC24VDC24V
ME-7030 AC100VAC100V
ME-7030 AC200VAC200V
ME-6040 DC12V6DC12VBase (Screw | Vertical)
ME-6040 DC24VDC24V
ME-6040 AC100VAC100V
ME-6040 AC200VAC200V
ME-7040 DC12V7DC12V
ME-7040 DC24VDC24V
ME-7040 AC100VAC100V
ME-7040 AC200VAC200V
ME-6070 DC12V6DC12VPanel (Snap-In)
ME-6070 DC24VDC24V
ME-6070 AC100VAC100V
ME-6070 AC200VAC200V
ME-7070 DC12V7DC12V
ME-7070 DC24VDC24V
ME-7070 AC100VAC100V
ME-7070 AC200VAC200V


No. of Digits6/7 digits
Digit size6 digits : 3.5 x 1.8 mm / 7 digits : 3.5 x 1.4 mm (white on black)
Count ModeAdditive only
Counting Range0 – 999999 / 0 – 9999999
Maximum Count speed10Hz
Make (Duty)50ms (1:1)
Power Source100 / 115 / 200 VAC 50 / 60 Hz Convertible | 12 / 24 VDC
Power ConsumptionAC1.1 – 2.1VA/DC1.2W
MountingME-□000 : Rear (Screw)
ME-□000 B1: Base (Vertical)
ME-□020 : Base (Screw | Horizontal)
ME-□030 : Panel (Screw)
ME-□000 B1:
Behind Panel (Screw) with Base Plate
ME-□040 Base (Screw | Vertical)
ME-□070 : Panel (Snap-In)
WeightME- □000 : Approx. 50 g
ME- □000 B1: Approx. 60 g
ME- □020 : Approx. 60 g
ME- □030 : Approx. 52 g
ME- □030 B1: Approx. 62 g
ME- □040 : Approx. 60 g
ME- □070 : Approx. 55 g
Ambient Temp. : Operating-5 – +40°C (non-freezing)
Ambient Humid. : Operating85%RH maximum (non-condensing)
ComplianceCE, RoHS, (UL : depends on models)
N.B.Small Counter

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