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Length SensorCS-3:1

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FeaturesFor simple length measurement of textiles, papers, films, etc. in conjunction with electronic counters and electro-magnetic counters
Built-in microswitch works as a sensor
Resolution 1 meter/yard depending on model number
Urethane pulleys(wheels) are available as an option per application


TypeLength Sensors
SensorReed Switch
Unit of Measurements1meter (yard) : 1count
Maximum speed500meter/min (yard/min)
Operation Torque15mN・m
Ambient Temp. : Operating-5 – +40°C(Non-freezing)
Ambient Humid. : Operating85%RH maximum(Non-Condensing)
N.B.Economy type

2 pieces of measuring wheel for meter are equipped as standard accessories.
Instead of those, 2 pieces of measuring wheel for yard are available.
Please order type of measuring wheel.
“-YP” should be added to the model number. (Ex.) CS-3:1-YP

CASESApplication examples of this solution.

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