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Pulse ManipulatorsM13-212(Logic filter)

FeaturesLogic filter that controls pulses
Makes an output only when the following conditions are met at a time:
- M13-212 receives one input pulse.
- Combination of Highs/Lows of the other four inputs matches the predetermined combination.
Four input logic can be set
Logic can be changed by input from external switches
DIN Rail mountable


FunctionLogic Filter
Display4-Digit, 7-Segment LCD / Digit Size:7mm
Setting RangeLLLL – HHHH(16 possible logic)
InputPulse Input(Input) Logic3(Logic3)
Logic1(Logic1) Logic4(Logic4)
Logic2(Logic2) Key Protect(K/P)
Input TypeNon-contact / Reed Input : Open Collector Input L<2V(Sink Current approx. 1mA)
Input Frequency1kHz(Pulse Input)
OutputNon-contact Output : NPN Open Collector(DC30V 100mA max.)
Relay Output:1c Contact(AC/DC30V 0.5Amax.)(M13-210 only)
Output TypeHold(Logical Match Output)
Output Delay25msec
Key Protectvia Key Protect Input
MemoryE²PROM(10years Data Retention ; 10,000 Re-write Cycles)
Power SupplyDC12 – 24V(-15% / +10%)
Power Consumptionapprox. 0.4W(at DC24V)
Ambient Temp. : Operating-10 – +50°C(non-freezing)
Ambient Humid. : Operating45 – 85%RH(non-condensing)
Ambient Temp. : Storage-20 – +60°C(non-freezing)
Noise ImmunitySquare-wave Noise from Noise Simulator
Power Supply Terminal : ±600V / Input Terminal : ±500V
Vibration ResistanceMalfunction: 10 – 55Hz peak amplitude 0.15mm 3-directiona 10 minutes
Endurance: 10 – 55Hz peak amplitude 0.375mm 3-directional 2 hours
Dimensions90 (L) x 52 (W) x 57 (H) mm
WeightApprox. 110g
ComplianceCE, RoHS


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