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Electronic Total CountersGC2 Series

  • 6/8 digits
  • LCD
  • Add
  • Battery
  • Small size
FeaturesReplaceable built-in lithium battery, 7 years battery life
IP54 rated protection for front panel
6/8-digit LCD Totalizer, 10.6 mm figure height
Panel cut size 50.0 x 25.0 mm


ModelsNo. of DigitsResetInput
GC2-60006RemoteDry Contact/
Open Collector/
Voltage (NPN Transistor)
GC2-6100Remote & Front
GC2-6010RemoteWide Range Voltage
GC2-6110Remote & Front
GC2-80008RemoteDry Contact/
Open Collector/
Voltage (NPN Transistor)
GC2-8100Remote & Front
GC2-8010RemoteWide Range Voltage
GC2-8110Remote & Front


TypeSelf Powered Totalizer
Display7 Segment LCD
No. of Digits6/8 Digits
Digit Size (H)10.6mm
Count MethodAdd Only
Count Range0 – 999999 / 0 – 99999999
Maximum Count SpeedGC2-□□00:30Hz/GC2□□10:20Hz
ResetGC2-□0□0:Remote/GC2-□1□0:Remote & Front
Contact input○(GC2-□□00)
Dry Contact/
Open Collector/
Voltage (NPN Transistor)
L:<0.8V H:2 – 30V(GC2-□□00)
Wide Range VoltageL:DC/AC 0 – 5V H:DC/AC20-250V(GC2-□□10)
Power Source3.6 V 1/2AA Lithium Battery (replaceable),
7 years min. with continuous input at 25 °C
*The battery life is not a guaranteed value.
Panel Size (Panel Cut Size)54mm x 29mm(50mm x 25mm)
WeightApprox. 50 g (incl. Battery)
Ambient Temp. : Operating-5 – +55°C (Should not be frozen)
Ambient Humid. : Operating25 – 85 %RH (Non-condensing)
ComplianceCE, RoHS, UL
N.B.Self Powered/8 Digits/Wide Range Voltage

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