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Digital ThermometerWaterproof Thermocouple Probes

  • Sensor
  • Waterproof
  • K-type
FeaturesOur Waterproof Thermocouple Probes are of K-type and fully compatible with our Thermometer products.
Probes for temperature measurement of liquids and semi-solids are available in different shapes and sizes.


Model No.Max.
DimensionsApplicationsType・Material of protection pipe
KB-101WP300°CKF01ALiquids / Interiors of Semi-solidsPipe Type / SUS304
KB-102WP300°CKF02ALiquids / Interiors of Semi-solidsPipe Type / SUS304
KS-103WP600°CKF03ALiquids / Interiors of Semi-solidsSheath Type / SUS316
KS-104WP700°CKF04ALiquids (with high temperature)Sheath Type / SUS316
KS-105WP800°CKF05ALiquids / Interiors of Semi-solids
(with high temperature)
Sheath Type / SUS316
(Non-waterproof except connector)


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