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Product release

New version of DK-5000 Mieruzzo Basic Software is released.

We are pleased to announce you that new version of DK-5000 basic software is released.
If you have the old version software in your PC, please click “Check for updates” in Help menu.

If you don’t have, please download the new installer from our website again.

New features are blow.

HCL (Historical Count List)
This function is available for Type A and B DK-5000 devices.
The software will show the list of ongoing count values from DK-5000 device.
The view will automatically take data from the device every second for display
according to user-set interval upon connection to the device.

Editing Labels
This function allows the user to edit the default Input labels.
These labels will be used in the Auto-Acquire and Acquire All tabs when displaying
data from the device and also in the exported file.

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