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Discontinued /Alternative

Notice of production discontinuation of MDR-166M & MDR-266M.

We would like to thank you for your continued patronage of Line Seiki Electronic Counters MDR-166M & MDR-266M.
We regret to inform you that we decided to discontinue the production of MDR-166M & MDR-266M.
We would like to ask you to replace them with other electronic counters such as E21 Series.

For more details, please contact our sales representatives or distributors.

Discontinued ModelsAlternative Models
MDR-166ME21-101(Relay output)
E21-111(NPN Open Collector output)
MDR-266ME21-201(Relay output)
E21-211(NPN Open Collector output)
  • Alternative models of E21 series have different sizes of main body and panel cut-out from the discontinued models of MDR series.
  • When you conduct re-wiring, refer to instruction manual of E21 series because the terminal sequence (ex. input terminal for external sensor, output terminal for external device) is different from MDR series.
  • E21 counters are equipped with digit keys instead of front panel digital switches for setting output values (ex. 1-level preset value).

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