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Discontinued /Alternative

Notice of production discontinuation of G48 series.

We would like to thank you for your continued patronage of Line Seiki Electronic Preset counter G48 series. We regret to inform you that we will discontinue the production of G48 series soon.
We would like to ask you to replace them with new model G48-N series.
For more details, please contact our sales representatives or distributors.

ModelsPresetPower sourceOutputAlternative Models
G48-305N1 Level presetAC100-240VRelay output (1a)G48-305
G48-305CNRelay output (1c)G48-305C
G48-305TNNPN Open Collector outputG48-305T
G48-306NDC12-24V Relay output (1a)G48-306
G48-306CNRelay output (1c)G48-306C
G48-315N2 Level presetAC100-240VRelay output (1a)G48-315/325
G48-315TNNPN Open Collector outputG48-315T

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