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Product Type: Electronic

The DK-2300 is a multi-function electronic hand tally counter.  Display is a large 7-segment LCD display for easy readability.  The display consists of a Main display with 4.5 digits, 10mm(H) digit size and 2 Sub displays both with 4 digits, 5mm(H) digit size.  The DK-2300 has four different kinds of counting types which are easily selected via dip switch. 

The four counting types are, namely:
a.  UP/Down Counter -  it is a simple Up/Down counter which temporarily displays the previous count values.
b.  Two Counter Tally with Sum or Difference -  two tally counters that computes its sum or difference.
c.  3 UP/Down Counter -  Three independent counters.
d.  Counter with Memory -  an UP counter of which count values can be stored in the unit's internal memory.

The DK-2300 is very light weight and its form is ergonomically designed which can fit nicely in one's hand.  It is powered by a replaceable battery and it has a built in buzzer which can be enabled or disabled easily.  A Lanyard is included with the unit which can be hung on one's neck for convenience.  CE and RoHS compliant.