DK-100 Series

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Product Type: Electronic

The DK-100 Series is a simple and unique electronic tally counter.  It is the first modular type electronic tally counter with large LCD display, easy to use and very handy and portable.  The DK-100 Series comes in two types, the Hand-held type and the Desktop type.

The DK-100H is the Hand-held type with a very simple form that can fit perfectly in one's hand.  It has a large 4-digit LCD display for easy viewing.  It is easy to operate with only 2 functioning buttons.  A large count button that can be easily operated even without looking at the unit and a small reset button to avoid accidental resetting.  It is powered by a replaceable battery and unit comes with a neck strap.

The DK-100D and DK-100M are the Desktop type.  It has a unique modular design, multiple units can be interlinked together to become a combined tally counter.  The DK-100D and DK-100M both have large 4-digits LCD displays, and the same functional buttons like the hand-held type.  The DK-100D is a stand alone desktop unit or a slave unit when used in combined tally counter configuration.  The DK-100M is the master unit when used in combined tally counter configuration.  Multiple units of DK-100D can be connected together with a single unit of DK-100M thru the specially designed connectors.  In this set up, the DK-100M can reset all linked units to it simultaneously with a single push of the reset button, at the same time, each DK-100D unit can be reset individually as well.  Maximum 10 units of DK-100D can be linked to a single DK-100M unit.  All units are powered by a replaceable battery or with the optional AC power adapter.