Our Tachometers range is designed specifically for speed/rate measurement and control.  Hand-held type and Panel Type tachometers are available to suit any degree of user.

SM-T100 (Smart Tacho)

 The SM-T100 (Smart Tacho) is a hand-held Non-Contact Tachometer for smartphone exclusive use.

TM-7 Series

 The TM-7000/7010/7010E Series is a hand-held Non-Contact Tachometer.

TM-5 Series

The TM-5000/5010 Series is a hand-held Non-Contact/Contact Tachometer.  It measures rotational and linear speeds of upto 99,999.

F90 Series

The F90 Series is a panel mounted Rate Indicator/Controller.  It has a 6-digit red LED display, 14.22x7.

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