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Product Type: Thermometers

 The TC-400A is a multi-function K-type probe thermometer with a wide measuring range of -160°C - +1372°C.
It is a fully functional thermometer with a sturdy construction for protection.
The front panel keys have a smooth feeling and it can easily be cleaned with a cloth.
In addition to a the high accuracy of ±0.1% of reading +0.7°C, it has a large view LCD that displays the measured temperature in °C or °F, Max/Min temperatures in large figure size with a resolution is 0.1°C for temperature measurement of +199°C or less, and 1°C resolution for above +200°C temperatures.
The TC-400A can also store and recall the Max/Min temperatures measured in a certain period.
Relative temperature measurement is also available when you need to know the increase or decrease of temperature from a reference value.
The °C/°F button allows to user to instantly switch from Celsius and Fahrenheit ranges.
The TC-400A is powered by a 9V battery and it has an Auto-Power off feature to ensure long battery life.
The Hold button ensures the user enough time to record the measurement.
Wide choices of thermocouple probes are available to meet specific application.
The TC-400A is truly a versatile and powerful thermometer to address demanding applications.

CE and RoHS compliant.