MD Series (Preset)

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Product Type: Preset Counter

The MD (Preset) Series is a 4 digits LED single level preset counter in a DIN 72 x 72 panel size (Panel Cut-out size: 68 x 68mm).  This is a very simple additive preset counter but functional.  With a count speed of 1kHz maximum, this counter accepts Contact or Non-Contact pulse input.  It is equipped with an internal contact relay and NPN Open collector, which sends an output signal when the preset value is reached.  Preset value can easily be set via the front panel digital switches and there are LED indicators which shows the state of the unit.  The MD Series is powered by AC100/110V or AC200/220V, selectable, and it has an external power supply of DC12V for sensors.  The unit can only be reset remotely, auto reset or by power reset.  Memory is optional.