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Product Type: Preset Counter

 The E60 Series is a 60 x 60 panel size electronic preset counter with a Blue STN LCD display with white backlight. 

The display is 6 digits dual layer display divided into Main display and Sub-display.
The main display has a 10.0 x 5.0 mm figure size showing the count value and the Sub-display shows the preset values.
Included in the display are Preset level indicators and Output indicators which can be toggled by a push of a button.
The E60 Series is available in 1 or 2 level preset or 1 level + Prewarn type which makes it an ideal counter for general counting or total/batching counting applications.
It is AC100-240V powered and has an external power supply of DC12V for sensors.
The E60 can count bidirectional (Quadrature), or Add/subtract and upon reaching the preset value/s, the built-in output relays are actuated.
Functional modes, Operation modes and Output modes are fully programmable with the menu driven display using the front panel buttons.
Functional modes include: Count speed (upto 10kHz), Input Signal (Contact/Open Collector or Voltage),  Prescale, Decimal Point Position and Free Write.
It has a built-in EEPROM memory to avoid loss of count during sudden power cut.
The front panel protection is IP54.  Wiring connections is secured with the terminal screws.
This makes the E60 Series the most versatile and functional preset counter even for the complicated applications such as packaging (batching), converting (prescale), cut-to-length (preset+prewarn) and many more.  


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