MB Series

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Product Type: Preset Counter

The MB Series is single level preset counter.  This 4 or 5 digits counter counts up until the preset value is reached and a microswitch is activated.  Digit size is 3.8 x 2.6mm.  Preset value can easily be set from the front panel via thumbwheels which is protected by a cover for accidental movements.  The counter can be reset using the built-in push button reset or via remote electric reset.  The MB series is actuated by a DC24V, AC100V or AC200V input voltage and it is equipped with an internal circuit that protects the unit from voltage surges.  The MB Series is a 60 x 60mm panel mounted counter with panel cut-out size of 54 x 54mm which can be secured by a clip/bail.  The unit comes with a clear plastic front panel cover to protect it from dust.  Connection is via terminal screw.