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Product Type: Thermometers

The TC-950 is a multi-type probe (K,J,T,E,R) thermometer in a single unit.  This unit is equipped with a probe type selection button to accomodate different types of probes to make proper measurements.  With a measuring range of -100°C - +1700°C and an accuracy as high as ±0.2% of reading +0.5°C, the TC-950 is truly a univeral thermometer.  Display resolution is 0.1°C (1°C for R-type), the large LCD and 15mm digit sizes gives optimum viewing to the user.  The front panel buttons have a tactile feeling for a confident usage.  The Max/Min temperature readings in a cycle can easily be recorded with the push of a button.  The Hold button will momentarily freeze the display to give the user enough time to record the reading.  Relative temperature measurement is possible to measure the variance from a reference point.  Data can be recorded into a PC via the built-in RS232C serial interface.  The TC-950 is battery powered and has an Auto-Power off feature to ensure longer battery life.  The unit is also equipped with a foldable stand for use in desktops.

CE and RoHS compliant.

Discontinued in 2014

Product Type: Software

UPCB-01 VER.2 : Realtime Thermo Graph Software
(TC-950 exclusive)
UPCB-02 : RS-232 Serial cable (Discontinued in Apr. 2012)
USB-01: USB cable

Manual (UPCB-01 VER.2)


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