RCP Series

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Product Type: Preset Counter

The RCP Series is a high speed, 5-digits single level preset counter
with a sturdy and robust contruction with an all metal casing
that can surely withstand extreme operating environments.

The RCP counts via shaft rotations, Revolution and Direct drive.
Revolution type is 1 count /revolution of the input shaft.
Direct drive is 10 counts /revolution of the input shaft.
Input shaft configuration choices include double sided - top going or top
coming and vertical postion - counter-clockwise movement.
Preset values can easily be set thru the front buttons of individual digits.
The RCP has a built-in microswitch that is activated when preset values are
reached.  Digits size of the Count Display is 4.3 x 2.5mm (White on Black
background) and Preset Value display is 3.0 x 1.6mm (Yellow on Black
background).  Reset is done by a simple push of the front reset button.


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