MDR Series (Totalizer-BCD)

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Product Type: Totalizer

The MDR (Totalizer-BCD) Series is a 4 or 6 digits LED bi-directional totalizer with a BCD output in a DIN 72 x 144 panel size (Panel Cut-out size: 68 x 140mm).  This is a very simple but functional totalizer with a high count speed of 5kHz maximum.  This bi-directional counter accepts Contact or Non-Contact pulse input and count modes inlcudes Add/Subtract or Quadrature.  The MDR (Totalizer-BCD) Series can be powered by AC100/110V or AC200/220V, selectable, and it has an external power supply of DC12V for sensors.  It has push button reset on the front panel and remote reset is also available.  Memory is built-in for retention of count values during power loss of the counter.

Discontinued in 2015


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