G85 Series

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Product Type: Large Display Counters

The G85 Series is an X-large display electronic counter with an LED digit size of 100 x 60mm.  Several units of G85 or G86 can be stacked together in any configuration to create a multi-display unit.  The multi-display unit can serve as a information board in a production floor or as a queing display board in large offices.  Multiple case sizes are available from 589 x 180mm upto 680 x 180mm.  Single or Double sided display is possible.  The G85 Series is available in 4 - 6 digits and it can be directly hooked to an input signal source of up to 1kHz count speed.  Mode of counting are Add/Subtract and Quadrature.  Reset is done remotely.  It has a built-in memory for count value retention in case power is lost.  Power source is AC100 - 240V and an external power supply of DC12V is available for the sensors.  Additional features include Decimal Point position, Free Write, and input inhibition.  The G85 Series has a very sturdy and heavy duty casing which can be hanged, base- or wall-mounted.

Discontinued in 2014


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