G82 Series

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Product Type: Large Display

The G82 Series is a Large Display unit that is visible upto 20 meters.  It has a dimension of 400 x 120 mm for a single unit and several units can stacked together to create a multi-display unit which can be used as a production floor display showing vital information of the production line like Target, Actual, Variance, etc.  The G82 Series can display count values of smaller counters which are usually located in-line or in the central control panel/rooms of a production facility.  This is very useful if certain information should be made available to the people in the production line.

The G82 Series can display 4 to 6 digits of count values in large size LED display with digit size of 57 x 33.4 mm.  It is powered by AC100/110V or AC200/220V.  Decimal Point Position setting is possible.  The G82 Series is housed in a heavy duty metal case and it can be hanged, base or wall mounted using the included brackets.

Discontinued in 2016


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