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Product Type: Preset Counter

The G62 Series is a 60 x 60 panel size preset counter, Single or Dual level with a panel cut-out size of 54 x 54mm.  Display is a two line 4 digits Red LED display which is easily visible even in darklit work environment.  The Main line display shows the Count Value and the sub-line display shows the preset value.  Figure size of the Main Display is 10 x 5.5mm and the sub-display is 8.0 x 4.0mm.  The G62 Series is a very reliable preset counter which accepts Contact or Open Collector input signal and count mode is a choice between Add/Subtract or Quadrature with high count speeds upto upto 10kHz.  The counter sends an output signal when the preset value is reached either thru a built-in relay or NPN Open collector output.  Preset values are easily set via the front panel button.  The unit can be powered by AC100 - 240V and an external power supply of DC12V is available for sensors.  The G62 Series has an internal EEPROM memory for count data retention even during sudden power shut down. 

The G62 Series can be used in various operation mode and output mode configurations.  Reset is possbile via front panel reset, remote reset or auto-reset.  Other features include Prescale, Decimal Point Position and  Key protection.  The front panel is dustproof and splashproof.  Wiring connections are secured with the use of terminal screw connections.

Discontinued in 2020


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