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Product Type: Preset Counter

The G48 Series is a DIN 48 x 48 electronic preset counter with a large LCD display with backlight.  The display is 6 digits dual layer display divided into Main display and Sub-display.  The main display has a 10.0 x 5.0 mm figure size showing the count value and the Sub-display shows the preset values.  Included in the display are Preset level indicators and Output indicators which can be toggled by a push of a button. 

The G48 Series is available in 1 or 2 level preset or 1 level + Prewarn type which makes it an ideal counter for general counting or total/batching counting applications.  It is AC100-240V or DC12-24V powered and has an external power supply of DC12V for sensors.  The G48 can count bidirectional (Quadrature), Add, Subtract or Add/Subtract and upon reaching the preset value/s, the built-in output relays are actuated. 

Functional modes, Operation modes and Output modes are fully programmable with the menu driven display using the front panel buttons.  Functional modes include: Count speed (upto 5kHz), Input Signal (Contact/Open Collector or Voltage),  Prescale, Decimal Point Position, Key Protection and Free Write.  It has a built-in EEPROM memory to avoid loss of count during sudden power cut.  The front panel protection is IP54.  Wiring connections are secured with the terminal screws.

This makes the G48 Series a versatile and functional preset counter even for the complicated applications such as packaging(batching), converting (prescale), cut-to-length (preset+prewarn) and many more.  CE compliant.

Discontinued in 2022


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