G10 Series

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Product Type: Preset Counter

The G10 Series is a DIN 72 x 72 preset counter, Single or Dual level.  Display is a 4,5 or 6 digits LED display with a figure size of 14.22 x 7.8mm maximum.  LED is available in Red or Green color for easy visibility.  The G10 series is a very reliable preset counter which accepts Contact or Open Collector input signal and can count Add or Subtract or Quadrature (bidirectional) at count speeds upto 10kHz.  The counter has a built-in relay that will actuate once preset level is reached.  Preset values are set via the front panel digital switches.  The unit is powered by a selectable AC100/110 or AC200/220V.  Internal memory and Dust cover is optional.

Discontinued in 2017