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Product Type: Pure Water Meter

The EW-1000 is a simple hand held Pure Water meter.  This meter is designed specifically to measure the level of impurities in water.  The EW-1000 measures purity ranging from 0 - 1999μS with an accuracy of ±(3% +1d) full scale at 23 ±5°C.  Measurements are automatically compensated for temperature changes of 0 - 50°C.  The Hold button will freeze the display to give the user enough time to record the reading.  The meter has a large LCD display with a display resolution of 1μS.  It is battery powered with a detachable probe for portability.

The EW-1000 is ideal for water quality management, aquaculture, water and wastewater treatments, aquarium, fishery, swimming pool and spas, hydroponics, etc.

CE and RoHS compliant.

Discontinued in 2014


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