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Product Type: Conductivity Meter

The EC-2000 is a simple hand held Conductivity meter.  The electrical conductivity (EC) of a liquid specimen is a clear indication of its cleanliness or purity, it measures the capacity of ions to carry electrical current.  The EC-2000 measures conductivity in 2 ranges: 0 - 1.999mS and 0 - 19.99mS which can easily be selected via the range selection buttons.  Measurements are automatically compensated for temperature changes of 0 - 50°C.  The Hold button will freeze the display to give the user enough time to record the reading.  The meter has a large LCD display with a display resolution of 0.001 mS and 0.01ms.  Battery powered with a detachable probe for portability.

The EC-2000 is ideal for water quality testings of spas, pools, acquarium, water treatments for drinking and agriculture purposes.  It is also an essential tool for laboratory operations, fields and education purposes.

CE and RoHS compliant.

Discontinued in 2014


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