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Product Type: Anemometers

The EA-1000 is a portable hand-held Vane Anemometer.  It is a very economical and easy to use, designed to provide reliable and accurate wind measurements.  The EA-1000 is a handy anemometer with a large LCD, 13mm figure size 3.5 digits display for easy viewing of measurements.  The unit has a Vane type sensor and it can measure m/s or km/h units.  Measuring range is 0.8 - 30.0 m/s or 2.8 - 108 km/h with a resolution of 0.1 m/s or km/h with an accuracy of ±3% or reading +2d.  The EA-1000 is powered by a 9V battery which makes it handy and perfect for field applications as well as daily use.

The EA-1000 can be used for wind speed measurements like outdoor sports (surfing, sailing, gliding, etc.) and industrial applications like HVAC monitoring, wind tunnels, etc.

CE and RoHS compliant.

Discontinued in 2014


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