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Product Type: Preset Counter

The DSP Series is a 2 level preset counter.  This 5 digit counter has a robust contruction with an all metal casing that can surely withstand shock and vibrations of machines.  The DSP Series counts via shaft rotations and it operates in 2 ways, Revolution or Rotary.  Revolution type is 1 count /revolution of the input shaft and Rotary type is 10 counts/revolution of the input shaft.  The Input shaft moves in Top Coming, Top Going, Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise direction with choices of Side (Right or Left), Rear or Vertical shaft positions.  Count speed for Revolution type is 3000 rpm and 300 rpm for the Rotary type.

Preset values can easily be set thru the front window which opens to reveal the internal mechanism of the counter.  The DSP has 2 built-in microswitches that gives out output signal when preset values are reached.  The unit has a large digit size, 6.0 x 3.5mm, for easy visibility.  Count value can easily be reset using the reset lever.

Discontinued in 2015


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