DK-4500 Communication SOFTWARE for Win Xp/Vista/7

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Product Type: Electronic


All the stored data (count data, sum data) on the DK-4500 can be read and viewed on a PC through serial communication. 
Please use any market available RS232C cable (straight) to connect to the PC and a D-SUB 9 Pin (female) connector for connection to the DK-4500.
1. We cannot guarantee the quality and the performance of this software.
2. We may change this software without prior notice. 
3. We cannot be held responsible for any data loss or damage caused by this software or any inability to use it. Please use at customer's own discretion. 
The data stored in the DK-4500 can be downloaded to the PC using our software which can be downloaded for free from our website. With this software, you can store, edit and delete the recorded data in CSV format. 
[System Minimum Requirements]
¦Visual Basic 6.0 run time is required.
* Depending on the software version of your DK4500, the software might not run properly.
If it occurs, please go to th link below and get old version software.
œNew Version Software DownloadManual
* If error message is shown when running old version software on windows7 for the first time, please right-click then click "Run as administrator" to run.
œOld Version Software DownloadManual



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