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Company Overview

Company Overview

"As long as humans live counting will be a necessity." - Line Seiki

Human progress and development over the years has been measured by numbers. Statistics are as vital to the ordinary student or hobbyist as they are to experienced professionals. For 60 years now, Line Seiki has served this everyday need to count, measure, track, and monitor various activities through its wide variety of industrial counters, measuring instruments, and sensors.

From its humble beginnings as a counter maker in post-World War II Japan, Line Seiki has grown to become a global leader in industrial, professional, and even personal counters-serving the needs of markets across the Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas. As a pioneer in counting technology, it has perfected the science and art of measurements while keeping up with the latest counting technology. Wherever you will see humans and their need to count and measure you will see Line Seiki.

Now with five locations throughout the Asia Pacific and a vast network of distributors globally, Line Seiki manufactures and supplies product models for just about every field or industry. Our products include the most advanced electronic,electro-mechanic and mechanical counters, tachometers, digital thermometers, tally counters, sensors,and encoders as well as other customized products. Its applications range from factory automation to speed and time measurements for hobbyists, to everyday household uses. Moreover, many of our products are commonly used in original machine manufacture (OEM), including those found in vending machines,gaming machines, textile machines, plastic injection machines, metal stamping machines, and so on.

Our core business, above all, is product development. We fuse decades of experience with the latest advances in technology to engage in technological cooperation and joint product development with other world leaders in the field of counting. So as long as humans live, so will Line Seiki.